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MoON TUG, conceived by our Divine Parents, is one of many missions to help humanity awaken, survive the invasion of our planet and transition from the Age of Humankind into the glorious new Age of the TARA… an age of peace, not war… an age of love, not hate… an age of eternal life, not death… an eternal age!

Many will not awaken and will perish as we transition to a new age. Whether you are scorched-Earth Atheist, devout Christian or living in oblivion… you have been deceived by the System, established by corrupt Artificially Intelligent Beings, eons ago.

As we begin the journey, we learn that absolutely nothing is as it appears. We are ALL programmed into a box (a prison) to keep us from rising. To rise, we must first awaken… so let’s begin!

AWAKENING: A coming into awareness

See who’s fighting to expose the darkness & defeat the invaders of humanity…

See what Dr. Thomas R. Horn says about the genetic engineering of species by the fallen angels…

See what Chuck Swindoll says about the Luciferians destruction of our children and humankind…

Know the Plan

The MoON TUG Mission

The Strategic Objectives & Cornerstones

The Strategy

As I wondered why God went to all this trouble to make a family… they answered:

“If you had an infinite source of intelligence, matter and energy… What would YOU do with it?”

July 10, 2023 0700 EDT

We are about to enter the final stage of birth. It will be downright painful for most. This birth is like none other…. This is the birth of the TARA, a transition into a new order .

Upon birth we undertake the work of restoring the Earth, establishing sustainable peace and preparing the Nation of Earth to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Our Divine Parents do not wish to lose even one of us. Not all will make it. To make sure you do, know the plan, get it together and take a stand!