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Our Beliefs

  • We have endured and overcome or succombed to tribulation since our separation from God, our father, more than 6,000 years ago.
  • Ironically, tribulation underpins God’s amazing plan to restore the intrinsic, essential relationship He intended to have with us from the time He placed Adam and Eve in the garden.
  • In the last book of the Bible (Revelation), He foretells a final great tribulation in preparation to restore His intrinsic and essential relationship with ALL of us.
  • It seems we now stand facing the great tribulation.
  • Following the great tribulation, God promised to restore the earth and the heavens.
  • The overcomers of tribulation will rule with Jesus in God’s kingdom on a renewed, and finally at peace, earth.

Our Goals

The MoON TUG Village has three goals.

  1. To change minds by presenting the truth.
  2. To change lives by activating a culture of love.
  3. To change course by unifying the nation of Christ.

The chart below shows the message, guiding scripture and the MoON TUG Village service(s) related to each goal.