criminals and pouring across our border at a time when major cities are defunding police departments; attacks on free speech, attacks on religion, attacks on our right to protect ourselves, viral and chemical attacks on our bodies, a compromised justice system and an administration intentionally crashing our economy.

It’s way past time to end the insanity running rampant in our world today. The lies, deception, hate, division, disregard for life, immorality, corruption and violence must end now!



The only people who don’t seem to realize this are those under the rule of Satan! His generals have deceived or bribed millions of our brothers and sisters into believing their lies, and are using them to carry out their sinister plans! They’ve brainwashed millions more who do not even realize America, God’s favored nation, has fallen!


We’ve only seen a handful of shepherds arrested for defying the tyranny.

Millions of Christians embrace silence as their Christian duty!

Do you think Christ would be silent?!

Millions are hunkered down waiting to be raptured! Pastors talk of taking their church underground. Is their light so bright that it’s shining on the world from their bunkers?


Movement of One Nation Triumphant Under God

On July 11, 2017, on the eve of the world’s descent into great darkness, God began shaking one of His atheist children loose from Satan’s ranks.

On March 11, 2018 He planted the MoON TUG seed in His child’s warrior soul. This warring child rushed (literally) to and fro for the next 3 years; second-guessing God’s plans for MoON TUG; smashing into one brick wall after another.

Giving up… gently coaxed into coming back.

Exhausted and still clueless, this 67-year-old warrior-child finally surrendered mind, soul and spirit to God in December 2020, on the heals of a recent move – the 12th in 3-1/2 years.

You might think the ‘shaking’ ended upon surrender. It did not. Mild aftershocks continued for another 6 months.

On May 10, 2021, with no trumpets, thunder, drum rolls or earthquakes, the Holy Spirit finally revealed God’s purpose for the MoON TUG to His now-obedient daughter.

God’s timing is always perfect even if we don’t understand it at the time!

The Purpose of MoON TUG

The end game (purpose) of the MoON TUG is everlasting peace and happiness for all of humanity (Revelation 20-22), to be accomplished through unity of God’s children into one nation, reflecting the true body of Christ. With Christ our Lord and Savior, as the head, our strategy is to change minds through truth (John 14:6), to change lives through love (Matthew 22:37-40) and to change the course of humanity through unity in Christ (John 17:23).

The Focus of MoON TUG

The MoON TUG focuses on the INDIVIDUAL child of God, whether you are living in heaven (spiritual Christians), living on earth (carnal Christians) or living in the sea (those who have no knowledge of God).

For the sake of clarity, as a grass roots movement, the MoON TUG does not aim to unify Christian church organizations. We recognize that if these religious organizations with a multitude of doctrinal differences could be unified into a single body of Christ, they would be.

The Elements of MoON TUG

Welcome to the MoON TUG Village!

What is the MoON TUG Village?

The MoON TUG Village, an end-of-the-age ministry, provides a unified, loving and supportive community for overcomers and those striving to overcome.

His Amazing Reformation Plan

Reformation: The act of reforming, or the state of being reformed; ccorrection or amendment of life, manners, or of anything vicious or corrupt. (www.dictionary.net)

  • The one and only God [Deuteronomy 4:35] created a life-sustaining home for His children [Genesis 1]. We call it ‘Earth’ .
  • He then formed His first child from the dust[Genesis 2:7], named him ‘Adam’ [Genesis 2:19] and placed him in the Garden of Eden, instructing him to eat fruit from any tree except, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which would bring death [Genesis 2:5, 16-17].
  • Adam was lonely and needed a helper, so God created His second child [Genesis 2:19, 21-23]. Following their disobedience to God, Adam called her ‘Eve’ [3:20].
  • The precise manner in which God accomplished His creation remains a mystery for the time being.
    • Looking at the world today, it’s not hard to imagine the havoc we’d cause if we knew all that God knows!
  • At some point following the creation of Earth, Lucifer (an angel) and his league of followers (also angels) rebelled against God and were thrown down to Earth [Revelation 12:7-9]. Lucifer was furious and hated God’s children because God loved us so much. He became obsessed with the total destruction of humanity.
  • Lucifer (AKA serpent, devil, satan, etc.) beguiled Eve into eating from the forbidden tree, and she convinced Adam to as well.
    • Remember – we were formed from dust. God knew we would be putty in Lucifer’s hands… so why allow this to happen to His beloved children?
  • God intends for His children to live in peace… because our brains are made of dust, no matter how many times we put a man on the moon, or how many tall buildings we build, or diseases we cure, or how much we think we know about our creation, we can’t figure out how to create and live in everlasting peace.
    • Satan has convinced some that the only way to achieve peace is to kill all of humanity, except the elite of course!
  • Living in peace requires total submission by ALL to His will… obedience. Oh, how we hate that word!
  • To become obedient requires us to acknowledge that God is our creator – our Father, and that what He offers is worthy of our total obedience.
  • Total obedience can ony occur when we are pure…free of every remnant of natural carnal thinking; and living in the mind of Christ our saviour.
  • The process of purification differs for each of us and is always punctuated by testing.
  • And thus, with His first children’s disobedience, God’s absolutely amazing reformation plan began with the promise of a Messiah – a saviour!
  • The end of this age (about 6,000 years) in our reformation into loving and peaceful beings begins with a great tribulation, the likes of which we have never seen before.
  • At the end of this tribulation, the overcomers throughout this age of reformation will rule God’s kingdom on earth; and God once again, dwells among His children.

If you are tired of the hate, the violence

Our Mission

The Movement of One Nation Triumphant Under God …

Our Goals

Through the grace and will of God, the MoON TUG Village aims to accomplish our mission by striving to meet three goals:

  1. To change minds by presenting the truth.
  2. To change lives by activating a culture of love.
  3. To change course by unifying the nation of Christ.

Our Strategic Plan

As shown in the chart below, in striving to meet our goals, and thereby achieve our mission, our strategic plan involves:

  • Consistent messaging
  • Grounding in Biblical scripture
  • Christ-minded community of those striving for a peaceful world
  • Action-oriented programs
  • End game: God-Adamic governance

Changing Minds

Who we are, what we do, how and why we do it and where we are headed…all starts in our mind. Born a blank slate, we become who we are through knowledge.

Satan knew this, and long ago began his campaign to destroy God’s beloved children by introducing us to carnal knowledge. And look how that turned out.

We are all brothers and sisters, created by one very loving and patient God. At the end of the day, we all want the same thing – to live in peace and harmony.

Peace can only be achieved by undoing the damage done by Satan.

Please join us. Learn the truth.

Changing Lives

To learn more about our MoON TUG Village programs to activate a culture of love, and/or to get involved in the programs, click here.

Changing Course

Learning the truth and activating a culture of love are foundational to changing course. However, to unify the body of Christ we must get the message out to those who don’t stumble across this website.

All items found in the MoON TUG Village store serve this purpose – letting our brothers and sisters know about this movement.

Our first initiative is the million-car campaign! To request your bumper sticker ($5) click here.

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