Truth Camp


The Most Important Decision of Your Life

In today’s fast-paced, high-tech world, information is literally at our fingertips. We can get answers to any question our minds can conceive, with the touch of a button or the click of a mouse. Yet, it seems that never before has it been so difficult to find the truth!

Both science and technology, two of humanity’s greatest achievements, have brought immeasurable good into the world. And the potential for good is boundless. However, humanity’s greatest achievements, when controlled by humanity’s carnal mind, also bring about the greatest deception, destruction and utter chaos the world has ever known.

And it will not end until humanity collectively realizes we’ve allowed the carnal side of our minds to rule the world. And look where that’s gotten us! We stand at the precipice of global destruction at the hands of a few very evil and determined maniacs bent on global dominance.

It is indeed time to take a stand. And the only way we can effectively take a stand is to mobilize humanity. To do that, humanity needs to be on the same page and that page must tell the truth!

Regardless of the reason, you are here because you seek the truth. The carnal mud-brains of most do not want to hear the truth and will rebel against it – that’s the nature of the carnal mind.

But we can and will, as foretold in Revelation, bring about worldwide peace. The hard part is, that this requires every human on earth to get on the same page, and through God’s grace and will, we can absolutely do this!

You’ve taken the first step by clicking this link and reading this far. The next step – to enroll in Course 1 – is the most important decision you may make in your lifetime and for the good of the world!


By taking this step, you acknowledge that you understand the world simply cannot continue on this course. You also acknowledge that you understand that it will take each and every one of us to change course.

By the end of the foundational courses and the final cornerstone course – His Amazing Rescue Plan – you will know the truth. We believe you will join the MoON TUG Village in welcoming God into your life and you will be a true overcomer.

Foundational Courses

Purpose of these courses: Reset notions about God; get everyone on the same page.

Who should take these courses?

Course 1. Knowing God

This course sets you on a journey in which you will come to know God as your creator and Father, our sovereign king and ruler of all, through the eyes of Biblical scholars and through God’s own words. You will learn the science of God, from the origins of the universe through the science of free will. Along the way you will learn to experience God in nature and from within your own being. You will learn God’s character, where he resides, how to talk to Him on a personal level, and how to recognize when He speaks to you.

This course is a great starting place whether you’ve been a Christian all your life or you are a new Christian trying to understand what it all means. It is absolutely the only place to begin if you do not believe there is a god at all or that there are many gods and all paths lead to heaven.

Click here to see the Course Syllabus.



Course 2. His Word

In the first course, Knowing God, you were introduced to scripture and asked to put any misrust aside, pending completion of the second course, Trusting His Word. In this course, you will discover how the Bible came to be. You will learn who the authors are, when and where the books were written and canonized – and you will learn what canonized means! You will also learn how the Bible differs from the words of other so-called prophets and what is meant by the term living word.

Click here to see the Course Syllabus.



Course 3. The Ending

In this course you will learn the meaning of the symbolism used in Revelation (the last book of the Bible) and see how the symbolism unlocks the dual messages in this book. You will assess modern-day events against the signs of the final great tribulation. You will see Christ unveiled and learn how to be an overcomer, one of those who will stand and rule with Christ in God’s kingdom in the new earth.

Click here to see the Course Syllabus.



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