The MoON TUG Servant

A Personal Note

Dr. Patricia Faith Diaz


It’s just me behind the curtain! For now, anyway.

However, I’m not alone! I am accompanied by God, my creator and heavenly Father, through whom all things are possible (Matthew 19:26); Jesus Christ, my big brother (Mark 3:32-35) and savior (Luke 19:10); and the Holy Spirit who guided every step of my journey from the initial calling into a close personal relationship with God and Jesus (John 4:26).

I’ll tell you straight up, I’m the last person on Earth I’d expect to be called to breathe life into God’s movement to advance His kingdom! I’m not a scholar of the Bible. I don’t have a forever church. I haven’t been what you might call a profoundly moral person. And I’m not a man (see above picture). 

What I am is a glob of mud that God gifted with life. I am one of His kids! And I am deeply moved every time I claim this birthright!!

When God called me to work on the MoON TUG in March 2018, I didn’t know squat!  I had no  clue what He wanted me to do! No worries. Through the Spirit, He joined me on a 3-½ year long journey to prepare me – only now do I understand how much I didn’t know! And I learn something new about God and His creation every day!

First, I needed to realize that the Holy Spirit was speaking to me! This was a hard lesson to learn that took me down numerous rabbit holes, cost me my savings and even led me out of the country. I had to learn how to distinguish the voice of the Holy Spirit from my own thoughts generated by the Apollyon Worm. Once I learned to recognize God’s voice (the Holy Spirit), I had to learn to obey! As a strong-willed and independent woman in her 60s, I had some difficulty accepting that God’s love for me was not diminished by the fact that He really wasn’t interested in my opinion!

I also needed to learn how to recognize and defend against Satanic attacks, which I expect to intensify as MoON TUG is born. I needed to see first-hand that the church established by Christ is broken. I needed to understand why evil rules the world. And I needed to learn true compassion for all my earthly brothers and sisters before I could even begin to think about loving them!

As the days became months, fading into years, I developed an intimate relationship with God and grew to love, honor and obey Him as my Father, my creator and my God. As painful as it has been at times, I now know that had I not made this journey, I could not be the MoON TUG servant God called me to be.

In December 2020, as I settled into my 13th home in 3 years, the beautiful peace of God flowed through my entire being for the first time since March 11, 2018. I find myself full of joy most days, for no particular reason! Finally – I knew this was it! God deemed me ready to lean into my calling, no matter what it was and no matter the sacrifice. 

He trusts me to follow and I trust Him to lead.

And here we are!


P.S. Please feel free to poke around in this section if you’d like to know me better. You’ll find Tugging At The Moon, a synopsis of my testimony, The Shaking, reflections on my preparation – and Working with the Holy Spirit, a reflection on how the Spirit works with me.

From Satan’s Minion To God’s Daughter

God’s calling began with a question, “Are you tired of tugging at the moon?”. Three years later I finally understood that God had asked me if I was ready to hear the truth – that He is God, our Creator, our Father! I said YES! The title of my testimony honors the beauty of God’s personal invitation to follow Him.

The Calling
The Shaking
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Working With the Holy Spirit
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