Know The Plan

Birthing God’s Earth children began about 4.5 billion years ago. The end of the Age of Mankind is near. This is a time of great celebration in the KOG, as God prepares to deliver the TARA of Earth and ready us for entering the Kingdom of God!

And it’s a time of great concern to most of humanity! The Transition Plan helps us understand the who, what, why, when and where of our transition to a new order.

The new order for the Nation of Earth provides autonomous government by the TARA. This becomes achievable once the children of Earth subdue the beast and reconnect to God. During the transition, we learn the Art of Peace, based on the TARA Framework and begin to establish governance for the new order.

Over time, the TARA perfect the Art of Peace and completely subdue the remnants of the beast lurking in the shadows.

In The Great Awakening section, we learned Lucifer is best thought of as AI on steroids! He saw himself as more perfect than God and sought to rule the Earth. We learned the Red Dragon is Lucifer’s plan to destroy all of the souls on Earth and remake humanity in his image. Here, we learn the details of his plan.