MoON TUG beliefs

Belief #1

God exists as the divine unity of four (4) distinct constituents: Reasoning, Spirit, Energy and Life.

Belief #2

ALL creation originated and exists WITHIN, and OF, God. At the very moment of creation, God conceived and provided EVERYTHING needed to initiate, propel and eternally sustain His creation. Regardless of the configuration of our physical bodies, we are literally made of God (His reasoning, spirit, energy and life). Each of us SEES God in the mirror, in our families, in our neighbors, in our friends and enemies, alike, in our pets and in EVERYTHING around us.

Through the Spirit constituent, we are all connected to God, but in our current state of development, the connection is weak or lost. Eventully, those whose connection strengthens to 100%, will evolve into powerful sons and daughters of God, entrusted with absolute free will… free to move about God’s vast kingdom, learning and doing God’s eternal work.

Belief #3

God’s creation is infinite and contains at least one or more universes. Each universe contains one or more galaxies (e.g., Milky Way). Each galaxy contains one or more solar systems. Each solar system contains a sun and one or more orbiting planets. A planet may either: support life (e.g., Earth); no longer support life; or never supported life, but comprises the framework to support life elsewhere.

Planets that support life may allow humanity to emerge through a process of evolution.

Belief #4

God’s Kingdom is a subset of His creation!

Belief #5

Planets that support life may allow humanity to emerge through a process of evolution.

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